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It all started with a pretty antique cast iron gem pan…

Thanks for checking out our new site! We are Mary and Linda. We are avid pickers, hobbyists, and antique paper and vintage cast iron cookware enthusiasts. 

Some years back Mary started an e-commerce business restoring and selling restored fine vintage and antique cast iron cookware. Linda joined Mary in the business, and together they traveled the country sourcing the finest in antique and vintage cast iron cookware.

Linda and Mary both loved learning the history behind the old iron and imagining how it was used in its past life. They took pride in cleaning, restoring, and rehoming many fine old pieces of American history. Mary did quite a bit of writing and blogging about the old iron. 


Linda (l) and Mary (r), at a cast iron convention where they snagged some excellent pans. Mary’s dog Maisie the Maltese is an excellent judge of cast iron, too!

And then, life happened.

Life circumstances have caused us to be away from the cast iron world and blogging for a few years.

For the past several years and especially during the COVID isolation, I enjoyed playing with art – especially mixed media and abstract acrylics. I began using old paper ephemera and new paper napkins in my art adventures.

Never being one to do things half-heartedly, I started gathering and using all sorts of vintage and antique paper as well as a mountain of paper napkins for collage and decoupage. Linda enthusiastically joined in, and we both began sourcing cool old paper ephemera.

Our paper sourcing expanded as we dove back into the world of picking. We started gathering and learning about old postcards and photos, and found incredible old games from World War II. Of course, we couldn’t keep ourselves from picking up cool other things we ran across – brass monkeys, anyone?

Birth of the Paper Pickers

As we do and did with cast iron, we love learning about the history associated with the old paper and goods that we source. We have particularly enjoyed learning the history of some of the old photographs and postcards, and imagining who the people were who wrote some of the lovely old correspondence we have found.

We hope you will enjoy perusing the products on the site, and that you’ll provide an excellent home for some of our special goods!

Mary & Linda

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