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How fast do you ship?

We try our best to ship within 1-2 days of your order. 

will i get a tracking number?

In most cases, yes. If we are sending something First Class mail in a paper envelope, however, it might be hand-addressed (i.e. a single postcard is typically protected with chipboard and placed in a number 10 regular envelope for shipping). In that case, we will email you to let you know that your order has shipped, but you will not receive a tracking number. 

do you sell or share my personal information?

No. Any personal information we obtain from you is used only to fulfill your request or order. In the case of a nice comment that you make about our product, however, we may use your first name and last initial and a quote from you as a “testimonial” on the website. 

why can’t i just call you?

We are a teeny-tiny business (hello, 2 people Mary and Linda), and it is much easier for us to keep track of communications when they are made via email.

can i show you what i made?

We would LOVE to see what you have created with our products! You can tag us on Instagram #paperpickers. You can also email us photos of your crafting. We hope to create a gallery on the site to show examples of what customers have made with our product. 

CAN I make a return?

We really hope that you will love the product you purchased. Because of the nature of our business (individual unique product), and because we are such a teeny-tiny business, it really hurts our business to take returns. By the same token, if you are unhappy with your purchase because there was a mistake (we’re human, after all) or something was not as represented on the website, by all means contact us. We’ll make it right. 


We sure can try! Contact us with any custom order requests. 


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