Paper Pickers LLC


Antique and Vintage Paper Ephemera (and more!) for Collecting and Crafting

The Paper Pickers shop is born from our love of picking, history, and recycling and rehoming found treasures.


Vintage and Antique Paper

Old Paper for Collecting and Crafting 

Perfectly combined by fashion experts. Get fresh outfit ideas for the new season and every occasion.

Books, Catalogs, Magazines, and Brochures

Memorialize History

We carry a curated selection of old bound matter.

Photos and Postcards

Images that Capture History

We have a large selection of antique and vintage photos and postcards. Our selection includes pieces from the 1800s.

Individual Paper Napkins

Decoupage, Collage, and Mixed Media

Paper napkins are great for decoupage and collage. We have a wide selection of single napkins in many colors and themes.

Treasures and Trinkets

Found Treasures and Handmade Trinkets

Sometimes we can’t pass up unique or cool things that we find while we’re out picking. You’ll find those items in this section of our shop, along with lovely handcrafted goods.

You never know what you’ll find in this section of the shop!

Old Paper



Catalogs and


Paper Napkins

Treasures and Trinkets

Postcards and Photos

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