Latviesu Balets, 1943 Latvia Ballet Book: 120 pp Many Illustrations, Stals, George, SEE VIDEO


1943 Limited Edition Latvia Balet softcover book written in the Latvian language. Beautifully illustrated with many photographs of the Latvian Ballet.

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Beautifully illustrated vintage Latvian ballet theatre book. Written in the Latvian language. 

Author: Stals, George. Publisher: J.Ozoliņa Izdevniecība. Illustrator: Ludolfa Laberta. 120 pages, published 1943. Limited edition; 5000 were made. 

The book measures 12" x 8.5" x 1". The stitched binding is primarily intact but very fragile and loose. You can see the condition of the binding on the video that Linda made, below. The paper or fabric that was covering the binding is missing - see photos. The back cover of the book has an unusual texture to it - see photo. It appears that perhaps something had been adhered to the back cover but later removed. 

There are 120 pages with many illustrations and photographs. Please see the photos and view the video.

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