85+ Vintage National Geographic Double-Sided Paper Pages for Crafting


85+ original double-sided printed pages with photos or illustrations from vintage and antique National Geographic magazines.

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85+ original double-sided printed pages from 17 vintage and antique National Geographic magazines for you to use in your mixed media, decoupage, collage, art or junk journals, scrapbooking, craft projects, or whatever else you dream up!

The volumes from which the pages were drawn for each packet range from 1912 - 1959 and are contained at the end of this listing. We tried to select pages for the packets that have photographs or drawings/illustrations (no advertisements).  We did not read or censor any of the pages.

Each page measures about 6-3/4" x 10". Each unique packet measures over 1/2" tall! The pages were cut from the original magazines, so there might be some slight variance in measurement. There may also holes from staples on the edges of random pages where they were bound - you can cut those off if you wish, of course. We have included a photo showing a page with the staple holes so you can see them.

These are all original pages, not reproductions. Most pages have black and white photographs/illustrations, but some color photographs are included in each packet. We tried to take 5 pages from each of the 17 old National Geographic magazines for each packet. The pages may have some signs of use or age such as foxing, small tears or folds, spots, darkening, and/or pen or pencil marks. We did notice some yellowing to the edges of some of the pages from age; in our estimation, that simply adds to the charm of the paper. There are also some pages that have very small folds; typically at the corner.

Included in each packet are random pages from each of the following editions of National Geographic Magazine: May 1912, August 1913, April 1917, February 1930, May 1930, March 1934, July 1934, July 1935, August 1936, February 1941, September 1941, May 1942, December 1951, October 1955, July 1958, April 1959, May 1959.