Birds Birds BIRDS! 100+ pages bird photographs and illustrations


100+ pages containing bird illustrations and photographs to use in mixed media, art, journaling, collage, scrapbooking.

In stock (can be backordered)

100+ original pages from magazines, books, brochures, catalogs. Each page features BIRDS!

Each page has a photo or illustration of some type of bird, including shorebirds and ducks. Some of the sources are vintage, and some are not. There is a wide variety of sources in this packet. No advertisements.

Many / most of the pages are in color although some are in black and white, including some beautiful illustrations.

The pages have been cut from the source. Some pages are full-size (the largest is around 10” x 7”) and some are smaller. The smallest is similar in size to a wallet-size photo. Many of the illustrations have printing on them from the source, but the illustrations themselves typically do not.

Please take a look at the photos for an overview of what the packets may contain. Each packet is, of course, different. The pages are generally in very good to excellent condition.

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