Book Pages 35+ Different Old Original Paper Pages for Mixed Media Art, Journal, Collage


35+ original pages from 35+ vintage and antique sources (primarily books) for mixed media adventures.

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35+ original pages from 35+ vintage and antique sources (primarily books) for you to use in your collage, art or junk journals, scrapbooking, or craft project. All pages in this pack are from different sources than those in our other packs.

Each page in the set is from a different vintage or antique source. Most pages are text-only although some have illustrations, drawings, or photographs. The largest page is about 8" x 11" and the smallest about 3" x 4". Most fall in-between.

The packet includes papers with many different topics. A non-exhaustive list of some of the sources from which the pages were drawn, that you may find in your set, is at the end of this listing.

These are all original vintage or antique pages; not reproductions. Each vintage or antique page is original to its source.

The sources are old; some pages are from the 1800s. Many of the pages are fragile. Some are brittle or very fine. Some have signs of use or aging such as foxing, small tears or folds, spots, darkening, and pen or pencil marks. Some pages may be gilded or thumb-cut.

Some pages are in languages other than English, and some pages cover medical or historical matters. While we do not aim or intend to send objectionable material, we do not read or censor each page.

Each set is unique. We chose our sources based on what we personally would enjoy using in our mixed media adventures. We hope you will enjoy them too!


Each set includes Includes original pages from various sources which may include some or all of the list below (list is not all-inclusive):

Music (sheet music, songbooks, hymnals, operas in Italian and English - vintage and antique)
Cookbooks/menu planning (1912, 1945, 1963)
Various vintage and antique Poetry,
Various vintage and antique History,
Yearbooks (1949, 1947, 1950, 1958)
Stoddard's Lectures I (Norway Switzerland Athens Venice) (1897)
Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog (1955)
Book written in Chinese language
Book written in Latvian language
Book written in Spanish language
Hot Rod Magazine (1958)
Toy Collector Magazine (1990s)
The Book of Knowledge (1952)
Wenzel's Menu Maker (1947)
Cookbooks (1961, 1947, 1949, 1954
German Cookbook (1956)
Encore Food for Thought Menu Samples
Various antique and vintage Children's incl. Dr. Suess
Picture book about Germany
World Famous Paintings (1939)
1935 Notes Henn Co Medical Examiner Conferences