“Delicious Dutch Oven Dishes,” Griswold Cast Iron “Aunt Ellen” 1927 Pamphlet Brochure Booklet Reproduction


Griswold Mfg. Co., “Aunt Ellen” Guide to Delicious Dutch Oven Dishes, 1927, repro of original booklet.

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Vintage reproduction of 1927 recipe and instruction booklet put out by the Griswold Mfg. Co of Erie, PA entitled, "Delicious Dutch Oven Dishes." The booklet focuses primarily on the Griswold cast iron Tite-Top Dutch oven with cover.

The booklet was written by Griswold's fictional character, "Aunt Ellen." It is entitled "Delicious Dutch Oven Dishes." It was published and copyrighted in 1927 (the copyright is no longer active).

I own the original booklet from Griswold and had it professionally reproduced. The original had some minor spots and signs of aging; the reproduction has those same marks. The original staples binding the book together had rust on them - you can see those rust markings in the photo above which shows the center of the booklet. The pamphlet is 6-3/4" tall and about 3-1/4" wide. There are ten pages. The booklet pages are stapled/bound together in the middle of the booklet, just as in the original.

This listing is for a single booklet; the booklet that is a reproduction of Griswold's original booklet. The booklet contains a handful of recipes including a fruit cake, roasts, and the oh-so-enticing-sounding "veal olives." It also shows cuts of meat for pork and beef and has instructions for use and care of the Griswold cast iron tite-top Dutch oven and cover.

The booklet is a must for any collector of Griswold or other vintage or antique cast iron, or collector of vintage recipes.


About Aunt Ellen:

Mary "Etta" Moses was a lovely lady who worked for the Griswold Manufacturing Company in Erie, PA from 1896 - 1947, when she retired. She assumed the role of "Aunt Ellen" for Griswold, painstakingly responding to customer queries about the use of Griswold products. Her responses were used both for advertising and for actual customer correspondence.

I wrote an article about Etta Moses - "Aunt Ellen" - for Southern Cast Iron magazine, which was published in its January 2019 edition. You can read the article here: https://www.southerncastiron.com/griswolds-aunt-ellen/


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