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Rare antique Drewry’s Brewery Wholesale Catalog, St. Paul Minnesota.

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RARE Antique Wholesale Bar Restaurant Brewery Catalog from Drewry & Sons of St. Paul. 74 paginated pages While the catalog does not have a publication date on it, from what I can glean on the 'net, Drewry & Sons was in business in St. Paul MN from 1860 - 1917. They billed themselves as:

"Office of Drewry & Sons Incorporated - Brewers, Bottlers and Jobbers of --- Genuine Ciders --- Soda and Mineral Waters --- Bar Glassware --- Pool and Billiard supplies."

Drewry said the following about their Ales, Porters, and Stout:

"We guarantee all our Ales, Porter and Stout to have been brewed exclusively from choice barley, malt and imported hops, and the bottled goods not less than three years old when it leaves our establishment, having been stored in wood two years and is ripened in the bottle by natural fermentation, taking from one to two years. It has no superior, either foreign or domestic. A trial will convince the most skeptical."

There are beautiful color depictions of their bottled bulk ciders and vinegar, beer, porter, and stout, ciders, soda, sarsaparilla, Maltum, Kola, Limetta, and spring water in the first few pages. The remainder of the pages and illustrations are not in color. I have attached a photo of the index page to the catalog which shows an overview of what products were advertised for sale. It contains pretty much everything you needed to run a bar in the late 1800s, including cut lead-blown pressed optic and pressed glass, bar supplies, decanters and bottles, straw jars, cracker cheese and spice dishes, urns, brushes, pitchers, warmers, cork pullers, ice shavers, cookers and steamers, faucet and pool checks, restaurant apparel, and nickel-plated ware. There are also bar games and accessories including poker chips, pool and billiard supplies, dice, and cards. Vending machines were also included including a vending machine for "breath perfumes."

The catalog measures 12-1/4" (when closed) x 9-7/8". It is 1/4" tall. The pages are tightly bound (3 staples, covered by a cloth tape). See photos.

The cover to page 28 has small folds at the lower right corner. There are slight curls and occasional dog-ears to the top right corner cover and pages. The cover to about page 29 has some sort of spill on them - it appears to have been some type of oily spill. There are pencil marks on the cover and in random spots within the catalog where it appears that the proprietor of a business made notes for an order. There are also, of course, signs of age to the pages including darkening and some spots. Please carefully examine the photos and the video.

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