Vintage Poker Chips and 7 Dice + 5 Poker Dice in Covered Wood Carrier and Case


Vintage Poker Chips with 7 Dice incl. 5 Poker Dice, in Covered Wood Carrier and Case. 

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Vintage Poker Chips and 7 Dice 5 Poker Dice in Covered Wood Carrier and Case. 

There are about 312 chips in this box with pretty much equal red, blue, and white chips. I did not count each chip, but each slot holds 26, and the box appears full or almost full. I have taken photos so that you can count each if you wish.
5 green dice. Two white dice. 5 poker dice - 4 are white and one is butterscotch (I believe this one is Bakelite but I am not an expert). The butterscotch one, in particular, has some wear to the colors - please see photos.
The chips and dice are in a nice wooden box that measures 12-3/4" x 8" x 3". The wood of the case is mostly covered with faux leather. The bottom of the case has some scratches on it. The case shows some signs of age. 
There are two silver fasteners; both are aged but work. The handle to the case is intact but has a crack on the fabric - see photos. Moire fabric lines the top of the case. 
The box was made to fit the dice and the chips. It can also accommodate four standard-sized decks of cards. 
The chips are held in a separate wooden container which can be removed from the case. There are two loose pieces of wood in the box that can be placed between the chip container and the box itself to separate out the areas which could hold four decks of cards. The last photo shows those two pieces of wood where they would be placed. If you wish to use those for that purpose, you would probably want to glue them in. I did not do so. 

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