Shipping FAQs


How fast do you ship?

We do our best to ship within one day of receipt of cleared payment.


Will I get a tracking number?

In most cases, yes.

If we are sending something First Class mail in a paper envelope, however, it might be hand-addressed. In that case, we will email you to let you know that your order has shipped, but you will not receive a tracking number.


Can I upgrade shipping??

If we haven’t already shipped your order, we are happy to work with you to upgrade shipping. There will, of course, be an additional cost. We do not inflate shipping costs; it is just expensive to ship.

How are your products packaged?

Our main objective is to make sure that your item is not damaged in shipment, and we package accordingly. We are more concerned with that than we are “pretty” packaging.

We reuse and recycle packing materials and boxes and envelopes. You may receive your purchase in an Amazon-marked box, or Chewy, or whatever we’ve been purchasing recently. We also cut up padded envelopes for re-use.

We only use marked USPS Priority Mail flat rate packages when we are shipping Priority Mail. If there is any flat rate material used in a package that is not being shipped Priority Mail, that material is being re-used.

We strongly believe in reusing and recycling shipping materials, and we also strongly believe in following USPS regulations regarding their packing material.


DO YOU SHIP Internationally?

We presently ship only to the United States and Canada. If you live outside that region and wish to purchase a product, please contact us and we’ll do our best to provide you a shipping quote.


Absolutely! We know that shipping is expensive, and we do our best to keep shipping costs down while still ensuring that your package gets to you safely.

The website is new and we undoubtedly will encounter some bugs. If the shipping calculation you receive in the cart seems excessive, contact us and we will double-check the shipping cost to make sure you are receiving an accurate quote.



Linda is in Minnesota and Mary is in Texas. Your item(s) will ship from one or both of those locations.
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