Griswold made much more than just a line of cookware. Did you know that Griswold also made, and held the patent for, a burglar Alarm? I didn’t think so.


Inventors John Harvey and David Shields, assigned to Matthew Griswold. Application March 1, 1893. Patent granted Feb. 27, 1894. #515,677.

This burglar alarm was designed to be screwed into a door casing. If an unannounced person were to open the door when the alarm was set, it would cause a blank cartridge to explode.

That would be a very nasty surprise for the would-be burglar.

I’ve seen two of the Griswold burglar alarms – both in the collection of Larry and Marg O’Neill of Tacoma, Washington. Larry and Marg even had the wood pieces from the door casings into which the alarms were screwed, as you can see in the photo.

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