These are the top prices realized at the Simmons and Company Auctioneers cast iron auction on July 20 – 21, 2018 in Richmond, Missouri. I got photos of most of the pieces, but unfortunately not all of them. 

$1875: Griswold large block logo no. 13 cast iron skillet with heat ring, pattern no. 720.

$1700: No. 2 cast iron Vienna Roll pan by Griswold, variation 1.

griswold vienna cast iron bread muffin roll pan auction price paid sale vintage antique old how much



Griswold Vienna pan. Note: watermark is mine; it was my prior website.


$1550: “ERIE” (artistic lettering) cast iron no. 5 skillet with heat ring, pattern no. 3348

$875: Griswold cast iron loaf pan (no lid), pattern number 877.

$800: Griswold cast iron no. 20 hotel skillet, large block logo EPU, pattern number 728.

griswold 20 hotel skillet cast iron big large old antique vintage price for sale how much auction

Bottom of Griswold no. 20 cast iron hotel skillet. Note: watermark is mine; it is from my previous website.


$800: Griswold cast iron no. 12 Dutch oven with smooth low dome lid, slant logo ERIE, pattern number 2634 (oven) and 2636 (lid). Rough condition overall.

$725: Wapak “Indian head” cast iron skillet no. 4.

$700: Victor (by Griswold) fully-marked cast iron skillet no. 5 with heat ring, pattern number 695.

griswold victor fully marked 5 pan skillet fry for sale auction price cast iron antique old vintage auction

$625: Griswold cast iron heart & star gem pan, no. 100, pattern number 960.

griswold cast iron heart star pan 100 old antique vintage for sale price how much auction

$600: Cast iron coffee mill (grinder) by Griswold, raised on hopper.

griswold coffee grinder mill cast iron for sale price auction how much sold old antique vintage

Note: watermark is mine; photo was for my previous website.


$600: Griswold cast iron no. 7 flat bottom kettle with lid; slant logo EPU, pattern number 810 (kettle) and 868 (lid).

$575: Cast iron no. 16 Griswold French roll pan (wide center), pattern number 6139, variation 1.

griswold 16 french roll pan cast iron muffin bread antique vintage old how much sold sale auction price value  

$575: Griswold red enameled food chopper stand, pattern number 1335.

griswold food chopper stand cast iron how much price old antique vintage sold sale value rare

$550: Griswold cast iron no. 28 Crispy Corn or Wheat pan, pattern number 637, with patent number. 

$550: Griswold cast iron no. 3 oval roaster with lid, large block logo EPU, pattern number 644 (lid) and 643 (roaster). 

$525: No. 27 Griswold cast iron Wheat or Corn Stick pan, open frame, pattern number 638 variation 3 with patent number.

$525: Cast iron Favorite Piqua Ware twin waffle iron with raised trademark, wood handles.

$525: Griswold cast iron skillet no. 20, large block logo with heat ring, pattern no. 728, with repaired crack in handle

$500: G.F. Filley cast iron no. 7 gem pan.

giles filley g.f. cast iron gem hamburger 7 muffin bread cast iron pan old antique vintage for sale value cost price how much auction  

$500: Griswold cast iron large block logo no. 14 skillet lid, low dome, pattern number 474.

Bear in mind that unless otherwise noted (as with the no. 12 Dutch oven and no. 20 skillet with repaired handle), the pieces were mostly clean and in excellent to mint vintage condition.

The value of a piece is what someone is willing to pay. Obviously, pieces in clean mint vintage condition are valued higher than the same pan in lesser condition.

There are also different variations of each pan, and certain variations are much harder to find than others. The prices realized are for the particular variation noted.

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